What is the Highest THC Possible?

Discover what are some of the strongest marijuana strains with highest THC content available today and learn how to get the best experience from them.

What is the Highest THC Possible?

Little Devil is an indica-trend hybrid with powerful sedative effects, making it a favorite among people looking to improve their sleep or treat chronic pain. If you find this strain difficult to find at a local cannabis retail store, discussing its effects with the waiter can prepare you for a THC tsunami.

Critical Kush

is one of the strongest marijuana strains with the highest THC content. It is a powerful Indica strain that takes over your body, providing total relaxation and significant calming effects.

Previously, Chemdawg held the record for the highest THC content when it won the coveted Cannabis Cup title with a THC level of 32.13%. While THC is the main driver of marijuana's potency, it's important to understand the role terpenes can play in boosting and shaping the effect of a strain. More precisely, they have been “selectively bred for several generations by numerous breeders to contain only the female genetics that produce buds with the highest THC content”. And as the plant has evolved into a more appealing plant for humans, thus ensuring its own survival, a series of strains with particularly high proportions of THC have emerged that have earned the reputation of being some of the most powerful herbs on the planet.

Many people who voted for legalization thought they were talking about marijuana from the 1960s to the 1980s, when the THC content was less than 2%. The “Don of All OGs” strain is a mysterious high-THC strain that is often believed to be native to Bubba Kush, L. Among other high-THC varieties, Scott's OG is at the center of the group, and its high potency is frequently transmitted to new varieties. This relatively new strain exceeds the limits of the THC content that consumers are used to seeing on dispensary shelves.

Curing it won't necessarily increase the THC percentage of your product, but it will ensure that you get the best experience with homegrown marijuana. Because of its high THC content, it's best to consume it gradually, as some report that this strain takes them to another dimension. Born out of a Grateful Dead concert, Chemdog is one of the most famous varieties when it comes to high levels of THC. Reach told Weedmaps that this strain consistently exceeds 25% THC, producing resinous buds and a strong lemon scent with hints of wet marijuana.

Thanks to precise reproduction and meticulous pollination, consumers now have more powerful THC options to choose from. Secondary cannabinoids have unique medical and therapeutic properties and can be combined with 26% THC(CBD) for greater medical use. If you're looking for a powerful strain with sedative effects and a winning combination of fuel and pine scents, WiFi OG is the high-THC strain for you.