Can You Take CBD Oil While Intermittent Fasting?

CBD can be a great addition to your intermittent fasting routine if you're looking to speed up your metabolism and lose weight. Learn more about taking CBD oil while fasting from an expert SEO guide.

Can You Take CBD Oil While Intermittent Fasting?

If you're looking to speed up your metabolism and lose weight through intermittent fasting, CBD can be a great addition to your routine. CBD creams and cosmetics can be used to stimulate the body locally, without interrupting or breaking the fast. You can even combine different methods of taking CBD, such as sublingually or topically, to reap the benefits of both CBD and intermittent fasting. When it comes to groceries, it's important to avoid high-calorie foods while fasting.

To make sure you don't break the fast, check that your CBD oil doesn't contain any added sugar or calories other than CBD and carrier oil. Sublingual administration is the best way to take CBD during a fast, as it quickly gets into the bloodstream rather than the digestive system. If you're looking for a stricter FI routine for bowel rest and autophagy purposes, it's recommended to avoid calories altogether while fasting. Be aware that some CBD products are made with sugar, such as CBD gummies.

To make sure you don't break your fast, avoid these products and opt for those that contain more of the whole plant, excluding THC. Some CBD oils contain all the valuable parts of the plant, such as lipids, waxes and chlorophyll, flavonoids and terpenes, which can be beneficial for your fasting experience. The most common effect associated with cannabis use is “craving” due to appetite stimulation while consuming THC. For this reason, getting the high effects of THC can seem counterproductive to the fasting process.

However, don't rush to stop using cannabis compounds as there are some that could help. Since CBD oil is fatty and fat alone won't kick someone out of ketosis, it's likely OK to take it while fasting if your goal is metabolic health or weight loss. Different oils have slightly different nutritional profiles which technically changes the amount of calories in CBD oil. Intermittent fasting could theoretically help the body eliminate THC sooner due to its correlation with higher metabolism and how quickly THC is eliminated from the body.