Can THC Help Calm My Dog?

THC is a component of cannabis that produces a psychoactive effect and can help relax the body and relieve pain in dogs. However, too much THC can be toxic and cause adverse effects in dogs.

Can THC Help Calm My Dog?

THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a component of the cannabis plant known to cause the body to “get high”. This is often because it reacts with the brain to trick you into having an extreme level of euphoria. THC also helps to relax the body, which can help relieve pain, pain, and vomiting. It can even increase your dog's appetite, as it encourages a better metabolism in their body.

Marijuana contains cannabidiol (CBD) and other chemical compounds, but it is known for its high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that causes a psychoactive effect or “euphoria” in humans and dogs. Richter explains that small amounts of THC may be useful for some dogs, and warns against giving them to your dog because it is difficult to dose and too much can be toxic. According to the pet poisoning helpline (1-800-213-6680), the risk of marijuana poisoning in dogs is moderate to severe. In rare cases, it can kill dogs, especially if a dog ingests a large amount.

This could happen if you accidentally leave an open bag outside or if your dog gets into a large pan with brownies or other groceries. Cannabis, or marijuana, isn't safe for dogs. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is part of a group of compounds called cannabinoids and the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is toxic to dogs. It can cause adverse effects and, in very, very rare cases, even death.

Dogs are much more sensitive to the effects of THC than people (yes, even more sensitive than that friend who can't speak after a few puffs). Your dog needs much less cannabis to start showing signs of toxicity. Hemp with CBD can help with both chronic and acute diseases. The side effects of THC, especially respiratory depression, should be closely monitored to avoid complications.

While you can talk to your vet about giving your dog THC, you should closely monitor the amount you give your furry friend. There have been many official reports of the toxicity of marijuana in dogs due to the consumption of feces of people contaminated with THC. Therefore, if your dog often suffers from medical problems such as chronic pain or arthritis, THC could be beneficial for him. THC toxicity most commonly occurs when a pet has ingested a product that also contains chocolate, coffee, or raisins.

While some serious side effects can occur if you give THC to your dog, it also has many benefits if administered correctly. To put it in context, an average edible treat contains between 10 and 15 mg of THC; a high dose contains 20 mg or more. However, if THC damages their gag reflex, the vet will most likely place them in an oxygen tank to ensure that they can breathe. In your search for ways to help calm your pup down naturally, you may have come across THC oil made from cannabis plants as an option.

While this oil also comes from cannabis plants, it doesn't have as many serious side effects as THC and won't cause your dog to “get high” in any way. The key to this is the amount of THC that is administered, and if you give your dog too much, it can become too tense for it to function normally. Sometimes, THC can cause dizziness and vertigo in dogs, which can make it difficult for your dog to walk.